Big Blue Sky performances range from a solo act with Jon Stravers all the way to an eleven piece band (and every possible combination in between). Forty-five different musicians from eleven different states have recorded with or appeared as part of Big Blue Sky.

Kevin, Folko, and Jon playing live music at the Elkader Opera House.
Kevin, Folko and Jon.
Patsy Wellman, Folko, Kristina Castaneda, and Jon.
Patsy Wellman, Folko, Kristina Castaneda, and Jon
Mike Obmascher live on Iowa Public Radio
Mike Obmascher
Kevin Dohse live on Iowa Public Radio
Kevin Dohse
Folko Landvoght live on Iowa Public Radio
Folko Landvoght
Lynne Waters live on Iowa Public Radio
Lynne Waters
Jon, Lisa, Carolyn Failla, Louis, and Jessica Dano
Jon, Lisa, Carolyn Failla, Louis, and Jessica Dano

Jon Stravers Sr. Songwriter, guitar, vocals and instigator of the Big Blue Sky project.

Jon Stravers Jr. Songwriter, guitar, Native American flute, mandolin, percussion, and vocals, from the Big Blue Sky inception until 2007 and continues to be a major inspiration.

Lisa Stravers (Boise, Idaho) - vocals and percussion.

Folko Landvogt (Monona, Iowa) - guitars.
One of the most frequent members of Big Blue Sky since 2001. Folko also has his own group, the Bourbon Brothers.

Kevin Dohse (Gays Mills, Wisconsin) - harmonica, mandolin, vocals.
Kevin has been a regular part of Big Blue Sky for 7 years. Kevin also plays music with a variety of other musicians in the region.

Kristina Castaneda (Dubuque, Iowa) - vocals.
Kristina has appeared with BBS for specific events in recent years.

Mike Obmascher (Evansville, Wisconsin) - 12-string bass.
Mike has been with BBS since 2006. Mike is also the bass player for Mississippi Blue.

other Musicians that are a part of big blue sky

The Moonbow Hawking Clan

Members of the Moonbow Hawking Clan have all contributed songs, lyrics, and musical ideas since the BBS effort began.

  • Steve de la Pena, from Edgewood, New Mexico.
  • Dave Rowan, from Lafayette, Colorado.
  • Murray Adams, from Snyder, Texas.
  • Jon Larrabee, from Portland, Oregon.
  • Aaron Barna, from Olympia, Washington, contributes harmonica and flute.

Studio, Live, and Guest Musicians

  • Jay Anderson, from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, is the drummer/percussion on Driftless Groove.
  • Scott Rose, aka “Washboard Lou,” from McGregor, Iowa, has helped out on percussion for a variety of events in the past 3 years.
  • Lynne Waters, from Monona, Iowa, plays the Native American flute on Driftless Groove and has been a frequent part of BBS in the last couple of years.
  • Dave Moore, from Iowa City, Iowa, plays guitar, harmonica, button accordion, and also does some vocal work as a special guest at the Elkader Opera House concert in 2008 and appears on Driftless Groove
  • Raliegh Buckmaster, from Lansing, Iowa plays tenor guitar and banjo.
  • Gustavo Clavijo, from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, contributes on guitar, flute, and with lyrics, Spanish translations, and Mayan interactions.

Musicians who have appeared with BBS from time to time:

  • Joe Shelly, New Lisbon, Wisconsin, bass
  • Denny Garcia, Dubuque, Iowa, guitar and fiddle
  • Shawn Healy, Galena, Illinois, guitar
  • Jim Arvidson, McGregor, Iowa, bass
  • Terry Nirva, La Crosse, Wisconsin, percussion
  • Terry Hansen, Moline, Illinois, percussion
  • Tim Meehan, Madison, Wisconsin, mandolin
  • Jane Shuttleworth, Okiboji, Iowa, flute
  • Patsy Wellman, Wadena, Iowa, guitar and vocals
  • Lisa Nitge, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, mandolin and vocals
  • Mike Wallace, Moline, Illinois, guitar
  • Jeff Cozey, La Crosse, Wisconsin, percussion and recording
  • Brett Huus, Soundstrations, La Crosse. Wisconsin, recording
  • Shivhan Dohse, Iowa City, flute
  • Jimmy Berg, Galena, Illinois, percussion
  • Dave Orr, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, percussion
  • Craig Fowler, Fort Collins, Colorado, bass
  • Kirk Brandenberger, Keokuk, Iowa, fiddle
  • Devin Freedlund, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, saxophone
  • Marty Goudreau, Cambridge, Wisconsin, guitar

Central Iowa Area

  • Lee Current, saxophone
  • Travis Carrico, bass
  • Jen Wiater, percussion and flute
  • Rhonda Mickelson, vocals
  • Pat Moriarity, percussion

Boise, Idaho

  • Alejandro Anastasio, didgeridoo
  • Lincoln Lute, guitar
  • Andrew Plane, bass
  • Carolyn Failla, percussion
  • Kristen Talbot, flute and percussion
  • Ben Pursley, percussion
  • Matt McCarter, percussion
  • George Murray, bass
  • Jessica Dano, clarinet
  • Chuck Greywolf, drum-maker